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About Us


At the Performance Place, we believe you don’t have to be a professional athlete to receive the same level of care that they do.


With more than thirty years of experience treating and training NFL players, Olympic athletes, professional dancers, and active military personnel, our goal at the Performance Place is to make the professional athlete experience accessible to all. 

Serving the Charlottesville community since 2003, we understand how important it is to get our patients back to their activities as soon as possible. We specialize in rehabilitation and strength training for an active clientele of all ages, ranging from students and active adults to athletes at amateur, collegiate, and professional levels. Combining traditional physical therapy with sports medicine and athletic training services, our interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation is designed and individualized to each patient to maximize their potential to recover full strength after injury or surgery.


So whether your goal is peak performance on the field, meeting the physical demands of your job, or resuming your morning walk, you need a team that can help you return to your activities. 

We are that team. At the Performance Place Sports Medicine, we are here for you. 

Lloyd Givan

Lloyd Givan is the owner of the Performance Place Sports Medicine. A proud native of Kansas City, Missouri and alumni of University of Virginia, he is licensed as a Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist.   

While working for the Kansas City Chiefs, he noticed a discrepancy in the degree of care offered to non-professional athletes. Motivated to make a difference, he chose to pursue both physical therapy and athletic training, earning a degree in physical therapy from Rockhurst University, a Masters in Athletic Training from the University of Virginia, and a certification as a strength and conditioning specialist. 

After completing his Master's degree at the University of Virginia, he was able to fulfill a dream of working in the National Football League as an athletic trainer.  After several years in the NFL, he returned to Charlottesville to run a physical therapy clinic that was located at the McCue center at UVA. 

In 2003, born from his passion of working with performance-driven individuals and athletes, Lloyd opened the Performance Place Sport Medicine to even the playing field and provide professional athlete level care to all.  


  • Physical Therapy (PT) 

  • Athletic Training (ATC)  

  • M.Ed. (Masters degree Athletic Training, UVA) 

  • CSCS (Strength and Conditioning Certification)


Experience & Membership  

  • National Football League (NFL): Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs 

  • NFL Combines Medical Staff  

  • University of Virginia, Furman University, Iowa State University  

  • ACC Medical Observer  

  • Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS)

  • McCue Society at the University of Virginia  

  • University of Virginia Alumni Association  

Awards & Accolades 

  • Virginia’s Clinical Emerging Practices Athletic Trainer of the Year 2011

  • C-Ville Best Physical Therapists in Charlottesville
    Runner-up 2018,

  • PFATS Certificate of Appreciation for Service   

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Meet Our Specialists

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