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Our Location

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Our Office 

1230 Cedars Court, Suite 106

Charlottesville, VA, 22903

Tel: 434-220-0805
Fax: 434-220-0806

Opening Hours


Contact                             Appointment Hours

Mon. - Th.: 8am - 6pm               Mon. - Th. : 8-11am, 1-5pm

Fr. : 8 am - 2pm                           Fr. : 8am-1pm 

Sat. & Sun. : closed                     Sat. & Sun. : closed

We schedule appointments every half-hour.

Our office is located behind the Cedars Court Building Complex, at the base of the stairs.  Our entrance can be found by following the pink markings on the building signs. We offer free visitor parking directly in front of the entrance. 

For your appointment

We can schedule new patient &
post-op appointments within a week.

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