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Injury & Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Injury & Post-Surgery Rehabilitation 

Injuries fall into two categories, acute and chronic.  An acute or fresh injury management should start immediately.  Mismanagement could significantly delay your recovery or cause further damage.  It is to your advantage to have it evaluated so that a plan of care can be designed.  At that time we can determine if a self-care program, formal rehabilitation with a physical therapist or physician referral is the best course of action.

Chronic injuries are situations that have gone on for weeks or more.  If attempts to manage the injury have not helped, it could help to get get another opinion.  We would be happy to evaluate the situation and see if we can map out a new course of action.

Post-surgical patients need to have their rehabilitation started as soon as the surgeon permits.  Delays in starting your rehabilitation could lead to complications.  We will get you scheduled within a week of your procedure..

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