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Frequently Asked Patient Questions 

Taking Notes

When can I schedule an appointment? 
We schedule new patient and post-op appointments within a week. A prompt start to rehab can make the difference between a good and poor recovery.  Any time that you need our services call to get on the schedule.  If your surgery is coming up, check with your physician's to see how soon they wish physical therapy to start. 

Do I need a referral from a doctor? 
The state of Virginia allows for direct access to a physical therapist.  In most cases the answer is no.  Please call ahead to confirm.

Do I need to be an athlete? 
No, you do not. We cater to an active population and specialize in providing a professional-level athletic training and rehabilitation experience to all.

What do I need to bring to  my first appointment?
If you have a physician referral and and instruction, bring them with you.  Bring your insurance card and I.D.  If this is a Worker's Comp case, bring your claim number and case managers contact information.  For auto accidents or insurance liens, bring that information with you.

What should I wear to my appointment?  
Wear comfortable clothing so that we can examine the area to be treated. Exercise clothing and shoes would be best.

I am not an athlete. Should I still schedule a visit?
Yes.  The Performance Place specialty is rehabilitation of active people. We scale the rehabilitation to your needs and tolerance.  Our goal is to help you reach your maximum potential and return you to a fitness program.

My insurance provider is not on your accepted insurances list? 
The provider sites sometimes lag on updates.  Please call our office to check.

Which insurances do you accept?
We accept most insurances, including Medicare and Worker's Comp.  Please call our office if you have concerns.Insurance companies and insurance policies are constantly changing.  We recommend you call your insurance company if you are concerned about your benefits.  We will call to verify your benefits.  We will call to verify your benefits when you make your first appointment.If you do not have insurance, or if you wish to self-pay, let us know.If you have co-insurance, let us know.

How can I find out about closings or changes in opening hours? 
Any changes in our operating schedule due to holidays or inclimate weather will be posted to our webpage and appear in the information screen that opens with the webpage. 


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